How To Tie A Durag

The Durag is a silk-like cloth  material that 360-wavers use to protect their hair, and hold their pattern in place. Throughout the day, your hair will have a tendency to stick upward and misdirect itself during regular everyday activities. This interferes with current progress you have built. The Durag is the equipment that will lock your hair in its original position to prevent disruption to your pattern. This is important because once you establish your  pattern; it is just as important that you maintain it. If you allow your hair to move in different directions, it will be nearly impossible to establish a  consistent design. This is particularly a problem while asleep, in which your  hair strays from its trained pattern.  You will want to use your durag  mostly: 

- After haircuts After you condition and grease your hair following a shower 

 -Prior to wanting your hair to look its best Before sleeping 

 -After you’ve greased your hair thoroughly, brush your hair using the brushing routine that was explained in  The Brushing Routine.

- Be sure to wear the doorag inside out; otherwise the lining/stitching of the material can leave a dividing line down the center of your hair. 

Next, take your tsu-rag and place it over top of your head. Straighten the tsu-rag evenly over your hair, ensuring everything is aligned properly at your forehead level and that your tails are above your ears. Take the front tails of the tsu-rag and bring each end towards the back of your head and velcro them together. 

Pull the back part of your tsu-rag down to help remove wrinkles (you want the material to be flat all around to lay your hair down entirely. 

Otherwise hair follicles may stick up through the material. 

Take the back end tails and bring each end towards the front of your forehead, and velcro both tails together.  Pull the back part of your tsu-rag down once again to remove wrinkles to ensure compression.