About Us

DuragPride Founders

Welcome to DuragPride! We are so happy you choose Durag Pride to be your go to source for Designer Durags. As three sisters born and raised in Kenya, we have a sincere passion for African centered fashion. After moving to the United States and following our passion for fashion, which lead us to eventually working in fortune 500 fashion companies - we decided we wanted to do more. We wanted to delve into African fashion.

So we started to look around and realized that the Durag - yes the Durag- which has been a staple part of Black History and culture has been relatively stale and unchanged since it's inception. We want to change that. We want to change how Durags are viewed entirely and thats how Durag Pride was born. We want others who buy Durags to feel a sense of pride when they do. That's why we promise to use the best fabric for our Durags. Each one is handmade and made with love. Whether you buy a velvet rag or a designer rag - you will know it's made with the utmost quality. 

So again, we want to thank you for choosing us to be your source of Durags. We promise you high quality rags with sincere service - and nothing less!