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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Durag?

Simply put, a durag is a piece of cloth that is worn over the head. Now, that is just a simple way to describe a durag however there are many nuinances to that cloth. That piece of cloth can be made of different types of materials from silk to velvet. They were orginally worn by African American men to help keep hair intact throughout the day and now most importantly, they help get men that wavy hairstyle. A durag can also be worn as a night cap for those trying to keep their freshly cut hair in that same shape and form. 

What Makes a Good Durag?

There are several components to a good durag. The main one being the fabric with which they are made from. Durags are no longer made from cheap cloth. Higher end durags and ones that are considered  to be superior in quality, are made from non-synthetic fabric with a high quality finishing. The fabric should be either silk, velvet, or a fabric that is at least 80% fiber. The seams on high quality durags do not have any loose threads. Turn the durag inside out and look at the seam. Make sure there is no double or triple stitching as that means it was done incorrectly the first time.

What Are Different Ways You Can Wear a Durag?

There are multiple ways to wear a durag. There is your traditional durag style with the tails on the back of the head. This is the most common way to wear your durag. You can mix this up by having your tails longer and keeping them loose. Lebron James is a celebrity who likes to wear it this way. Another style, is to have the durag tails at the side. This style is not common because it gets in your line of vision. Lastly, you can wear the durag with the tails on the front. This is only possible if you tie it so the strands don't block your face. 

How Do You Wash Them?

Wash your rag just as you would wash your shirts and pants. However, when drying your rags make sure you do not dry them with high amount of heat as there is a chance they might shrink. The velvet rags do not shrink as much as the silk and designer ones but either way, it's best to hand wash and let it dry over a clothing line. You can use any detergent or soap for cleaning your rags.

Which Type of Cloth is Better?

No specific cloth is sueprior to another as it is mostly up to the individual's preference. However, many of our customers say that that our velvet rags are the most softest and best for sensitive skin. The designer rags are mainly made from cloth or a similar fabric as they can not be printed on velvet. We recommend silk for those who heavy sweaters as the velvet rags enclose heat more so than the silk rags. The silk dewrags are also see through depending on the lighting so keep that in mind.

Who Can Wear A Durag?

Anyone can wear a dorag! Male, Female, White, Black, Straight, Gay - it does not matter who you are or where you're from as a durag is a source of pride amongst those who wear it. Wear your rag with pride, and don't let others define you for wearing one.

What Makes Our Durags Special?

Our durags are made with the utmost precision when it comes to design and quality. Our silky durags are made with high quality fabric that gives you the soft silk feel when you put them on. Furthermore, if you buy a velvet durag from us just know that you are buying premium velvet. This is not fake or ripped off fabric. It's 100% velvet. And lastly our designer durags are custom designed with the latest trends.

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